I'd vouch for Stuart's comments about using a concordance instead of
an index, and also second the recommendation for IXGen to generate a
real index.

If you're using a concordance _in addition_ to an index, I think I'd
build it from FM Glossary markers and then generate a list of markers.
Again, you could automate this with IXGen, which isn't limited to
working with Index markers.

And another option, if you're generating PDFs, is Acrobat's built-in
"Full Text Index With Catalog." Which would be the absolute easiest
way to go.


On 1/12/07, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
> Rob Shell wrote:
> > Dear Framies:
> > Why I need to export via WordPerfect is that WordPerfect allows for a
> > concordance file for indexing. Thus one can use a huge concordance (no word
> > limit) carefully created per subject. This is a huge saving of time
> > especially for long documents and manuals. I call it machine indexing as
> > the
> > input in time is zero.
> >
> > WordPerfect then goes through the document and indexes the whole document
> > according to the concordance, in addition to the "hard" index marks one
> > might have made. The generated combination index is flawless and
> > hyperlinked.
> >
> > RTF does not respect these "soft" concordances index marks so I am cutting
> > WP and pasting into FM until someone tells me the Framemaker filters are
> > working as advertised.
> > Working around
> > Newbie Shell
> I won't address the whole issue of the concordance approach to indexing,
> except to say that consensus among writers seems to be that it is a
> highly effective and efficient method of producing frustrating,
> low-usability indexes. YMMV.
> However, you should know that the reasonably-priced plug-in for Frame,
> IXGen ( http://www.fsatools.com/ ), will also allow you to create or
> augment an index based on a concordance (a "keyword list" in IXGen
> terms). That is a minor feature of the plug-in; its strengths lie in its
> many other index-building and editing capabilities, and the fact that it
> can handle any kind of FM marker, not just index markers. Investing in
> IXGen would allow you to eliminate the whole WordPerfect end of your
> workflow.
> (I have no commercial interest in the product, but am just a very
> satisfied user.)
> HTH,
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