Not that anyone here cares, but on the Mac you don't need anything special. Add 
a graphics card and you're good to go. The OS just looks after it. If you have 
a PowerBook you just plug in the second monitor. Macs have natively supported 
up to six monitors (yes, you read that right, 6) out of the box since day 1 
(now 23 years ago). I've used two monitors for about 13 years now. Main screen 
(which is the PowerBook) on the right, tools on the big Sony to the left. I'm 
about to get a new flat panel for the office, but at home I'm keeping the big 
Sony as it's still a really good monitor.

- web

At 1:57 PM -0500 1/13/07, Richard Doll wrote:
>As many of you have touted the advantages of dual monitors . . . My ??s
>Replacing 4-yr. old (now too slow) Dell 360 Precision WrkStation with:
>NewSys: WinXP Pro - Dell 490 PrecisionWorkStation - 2G Mem - 80Gig Hard
>Drv - Dual Monitor IntFace/Contrlr
>Apps: FMkr 7.2 - PShop - Illustrtr - AcrobtPro 5.05 w/Dstlr - MSWrd -
>VisualBasic - ColourChameleon
>Try'd 24" Wide Screen on this sys; but, aspect of wide-screen only stretches
>display to fill monitor area. Such that 8.5x11-in page at 100% displays at
>10.25x11 . . . like its quite chubby. Type and graphics also display
>pixelized/distorted. Can change aspect to normal, but then, margins are
>completely dead and type still pixcelized.
>So, returning 2407 monitor for two regular (aspect) screens.
>Question(s) is . . . How to direct certain apps to display on which screen
>and (FMkr) how to have (para/table/structure/etc). designer "drop-downs" to
>appear on screen2 next to the screen1 that would display the main/page
>And . . . should I care how the mouse knows that the right boundary of
>screen #1 is really the left edge of screen #2 and will flow across? Or,
>will I also need multi-mices? 8^)
>best to all,
>dick doll
>sgmlindy at tds,net
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 As if Norton was of any use.

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