As many of you have touted the advantages of dual monitors . . . My ??s

Replacing 4-yr. old (now too slow) Dell 360 Precision WrkStation with:
NewSys: WinXP Pro - Dell 490 PrecisionWorkStation - 2G Mem - 80Gig Hard
Drv - Dual Monitor IntFace/Contrlr
Apps: FMkr 7.2 - PShop - Illustrtr - AcrobtPro 5.05 w/Dstlr - MSWrd -
VisualBasic - ColourChameleon

Try'd 24" Wide Screen on this sys; but, aspect of wide-screen only stretches
display to fill monitor area. Such that 8.5x11-in page at 100% displays at
10.25x11 . . . like its quite chubby. Type and graphics also display
pixelized/distorted. Can change aspect to normal, but then, margins are
completely dead and type still pixcelized.
So, returning 2407 monitor for two regular (aspect) screens.

Question(s) is . . . How to direct certain apps to display on which screen
and (FMkr) how to have (para/table/structure/etc). designer "drop-downs" to
appear on screen2 next to the screen1 that would display the main/page
And . . . should I care how the mouse knows that the right boundary of
screen #1 is really the left edge of screen #2 and will flow across? Or,
will I also need multi-mices? 8^)

best to all,
dick doll
sgmlindy at tds,net
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