I have a situation on FrameMaker 7.2 with Fonts (windows XP) not displaying
The font looks ok on the screen but when I print or PDF the document some of
the titles 
look like they have no space after each word. Also on the screen the line is
not wrapping 
because it has plenty of room for the words.

I?ve changed the make.ini ?DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics? to be ON and my
machine now PDF and
Prints the document correctly if it was created on my machine. I also made
the same modification
on my coworkers machine and it did help her when she prints, but not if she
PDF the document. 
So I moved her document to my machine and it still deed not work when I PDF
the document. 
We are using the ?Save as PDF? feature in FM 7.2. I also tried using the
print to file and then
distilling the document, with no success.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.

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