It sounds as if printer fonts are being invoked...

Try setting your default printer to the Adobe PDF instance. And you
should be able to print to that same logical printer; separate
printing of a PostScript file and then distilling isn't required.
(It's possible that the PostScript driver of whatever printer you are
using isn't true PS too -- I've had trouble with HP emulators in the
past.. )


On 1/18/07, Brenda Waltermeyer <Brenda.Waltermeyer at> wrote:
> All,
> I have a situation on FrameMaker 7.2 with Fonts (windows XP) not displaying
> correctly.
> The font looks ok on the screen but when I print or PDF the document some of
> the titles
> look like they have no space after each word. Also on the screen the line is
> not wrapping
> because it has plenty of room for the words.
> I?ve changed the make.ini ?DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics? to be ON and my
> machine now PDF and
> Prints the document correctly if it was created on my machine. I also made
> the same modification
> on my coworkers machine and it did help her when she prints, but not if she
> PDF the document.
> So I moved her document to my machine and it still deed not work when I PDF
> the document.
> We are using the ?Save as PDF? feature in FM 7.2. I also tried using the
> print to file and then
> distilling the document, with no success.
> Any thoughts on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.
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