Art Campbell wrote:
> It sounds as if printer fonts are being invoked...
> Try setting your default printer to the Adobe PDF instance. And you
> should be able to print to that same logical printer; separate
> printing of a PostScript file and then distilling isn't required.
> (It's possible that the PostScript driver of whatever printer you are
> using isn't true PS too -- I've had trouble with HP emulators in the
> past.. )
> Art
> On 1/18/07, Brenda Waltermeyer <Brenda.Waltermeyer at> wrote:
>> All,
>> I have a situation on FrameMaker 7.2 with Fonts (windows XP) not 
>> displaying
>> correctly.
>> The font looks ok on the screen but when I print or PDF the document 
>> some of
>> the titles
>> look like they have no space after each word. Also on the screen the 
>> line is
>> not wrapping
>> because it has plenty of room for the words.

I agree with Art, it's probably because Windows is taking font metrics 
from a physical printer rather than soft fonts on your PCs.

Some printer drivers let you select/deselect a property called "Report 
printer fonts to applications" or something similar; deselecting it 
forces Windows to use the metrics of fonts as they are installed on your 
PC, ignoring similarly-named fonts on the physical printer.

A better solution is the very useful plug-in available free from 
Sundorne at

The plug-in will cause Adobe PDF to be the default printer in FM, while 
leaving your regular physical printer as the default in other Windows 
applications. That guarantees true Postscript and correct font sources 
when you create your PDF files.


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