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> They are opentype (PC, Mac), Win TrueType, and WinPostScript. Which one do
I need?

I don't know what e-Publisher is, but any of these three should work fine
for any program that uses fonts. Opentype is the newest format, and it may
contain glyphs you can't access with Frame (but may be able to in the
future, if Adobe upgrades Frame to fully support Unicode). The glyphs that
you can't access will not be in the TT or T1 versions of the font at all, so
you wouldn't be losing anything. If you use Indesign or Word or any other
Unicode-capable applications, the OT font would be fully supported. The only
reason I can think of to recommend T1 or TT is if one of them is cheaper.

If you're not using a font manager, fonts are installed in Windows by going
to the Windows Fonts folder (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts) and
going to File > Install New Font.

You're best off keeping fonts somewhere else (on CD or wherever you keep
original software installation files) and installing from that place. That
way, if you later delete the font from the Fonts folder, you'll still be
able to install it again. In other words, you should treat fonts the same
way you treat other installable software.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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