> I'm looking to purchase a font to use in my documentation. I'd like it
> to work in FrameMaker, display in my PDF and in e-Publisher. There are
> several options when I try to purchase it. They are opentype (PC, Mac),
> Win TrueType, and WinPostScript. Which one do I need?
> Once I purchase the font, how do I get these applications to recognize
> it? What directory do I need to add it to?

As mentioned, OpenType fonts are the way to go.
Install with the Fonts Control Panel (File>Install Fonts).

I just wanted to add that you should make sure the font foundry (company)
allows the font to be embedded in a PDF or other electronic products. Some
foundries require an extra fee; a few don't even allow it at all. Even if
the font can be embedded in the PDF, there may be a _legal_ restriction as
to its usage. (Virtually every Adobe font can be embedded, so they not are
not an issue here, but you should check other font companies.)

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