I just came across some Frame Tips here:
http://www.hikaripub.com/tips.htm or

The one about deleting all tags before applying new template puzzled
me. It is not something I want to experiment on, so in cowardice, I
ask the experts here:

What happens to text when you delete their tags?

I mean, you have Heading 3. You delete that tag. You apply a new
template (and its related tags, I assume - not clear about this). How
will its Heading 3 know it should apply itself to that particular bit
of text. Wouldn't you just have a huge pile of body text?

I thought you could leave tags as is. Apply a new template. A new
Heading 3 can overwrite the old Heading 3. Done. No big deal. In my
case, I even use a standard script that came with the FrameScript
bundle that changes pgf format. I can change Heading 3 to Heading 3,
and all are definitely cleaned up.

Comments, anyone?


regards, Karen Mardahl

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