Hello all,

We are using Tortoise SVN to version control our FM files. It's mainly
working fine but we are having problems getting FrameMaker to detect a
locked file. You can set files to be locked when you edit them, but
FrameMaker doesn't seem to pay any attention to the lock UNTIL you try and
save the file. So you could open a locked file, work on it for an hour or
two and only be notified when you try and save it. Not ideal.

What we think is happening is that the file being locked is set to
'read-only', but FrameMaker isn't detecting that, as it has an internal
locking mechanism which looking for files that are currently being edited by
others. So it seems to be ignoring the read-only files.

My question is: Is there anyway to get FrameMaker to flag, ON OPEN, whether
a file is read-only or not. Or is this not a FrameMaker issue at all but a
'nuance' of Tortoise?

Any and all suggestions gratefully welcomed. This isn't a showstopper but
very much in the 'annoyance' category!

Thanks in advance,

Gordon McLean

Technical Author

Graham Technology

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