This January 23 (11AM EST) I?ll again be interviewing Career and  
Performance Consultant Emma C. Hamer on one of the most critical  
issues of content management success: Change Management. During this  
one-hour interactive webinar sponsored by X-Pubs, we will take a look  
at the impact of change on technical communicators and review proven  
strategies for changing the way organizations work. We?ll cover some  
of the material we did in our previous webinars and answer questions  
sent in via email or via telephone. Don?t miss this interesting and  
informative interview!

Note: If you tried logging in to our December webinar and experienced  
problems, don?t fret. You were not alone. Fortunately, the good folks  
at GoToWebinar and have resolved our  
technology issues. This month we roll out a larger virtual room and a  
fresh set of country-specific local telephone numbers.


Want Scott and Emma to answer questions for you? Send them to info at x- now or during the show.

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