At 2:50 PM -0800 1/29/07, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>Any LZW or ZIP
>compression in a screen shot (or any other image)
>imported into FrameMaker is absolutely lost when
>FrameMaker sends the image data to the PostScript driver!

 Which means, when translated, that FrameMaker unpacks the compressed image 
when it opens the file (and LZW compression is lossless), and what it sends to 
the printer is the TIFF image as it is uncompressed.

 I've been using LZW compressed TIFFs in FrameMaker for 13 years and have NEVER 
had any problem printing them to any printer or to PDF.

 When you open a FrameMaker document with an LZW compressed TIFF you will only 
notice one difference. When you page through the document and come to a page 
that has a large compressed TIFF image you may see a slight delay as FrameMaker 
unpacks it and the image writes line by line to the display. Apart from that 
you shouldn't see any difference.

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