Psst. A dirty little not-so-secret.

FrameMaker does NOT support "native .AI files."
What it does support are Adobe Illustrator files
saved with the PDF-compatibility option. When you
import such files, FrameMaker's import filter ignores
the private Illustrator data in such files and treats
them as PDF files and internally converts the PDF to

        - Dov

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> > Along those lines, another client refuses to import native 
> .ai files 
> > and instead uses EPS because of the .5 second delay in preview. The 
> > little things count when multipled out hundreds of times!
> Funny, I began saving all graphics (even bitmaps) as EPS 
> years ago for just that reason. EPS moves faster because the 
> preview is really bad (or nonexistent). Of course, ten years 
> ago, it was considerably more than a half a second to pull up 
> a letter-size 600 ppi scan.
> Kenneth Benson

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