Some time ago: At 02:13 -0800 13/3/06, vikram chugh wrote:

>When i import a text inset with the options listed below I get an extra line 
>after importing the text inset. I am sure that my text inset does not have any 
>extra space or lines. How do I prevent from getting this extra line. I have 
>tried using the Ctrl+Space option but to no avail.
>? Flow to import: Body Page Flow
>? Formatting of imported flow: Reformat using current
>document?s formats
>? Updating of imported flow: Automatic

and at 08:29 -0700 13/3/06, Grant Hogarth wrote:

>Known issue with FM.  Not sure if it is a bug (not working as designed)
>or not.
>1) Define the smallest paragraph you can (2pt font, 0pt line spacing,
>0pt above/below...).
>2) Insert this as a blank para at the top of the referenced flow.

Grant subsequently kindly sent me a demo file, and this fix does indeed work...

...for unstructured FrameMaker. But when applied in structured FrameMaker, it 
appears not to. We cannot work out why this should be, but in my test file I 
was careful to prevent the EDD applying a para format to override the para tag 
described in step 1 above.

Does anyone have any idea why this should be, and/or a possible workaround?


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