Set the last paragraph of the source document to Run-In. It will solve the 

>From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>
>To: framers at
>Subject: Text inset strange behaviour, any solution?? [revisited]
>Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 17:49:37 +0000
>Some time ago: At 02:13 -0800 13/3/06, vikram chugh wrote:
> >When i import a text inset with the options listed below I get an extra 
>line after importing the text inset. I am sure that my text inset does not 
>have any extra space or lines. How do I prevent from getting this extra 
>line. I have tried using the Ctrl+Space option but to no avail.
> >
> >? Flow to import: Body Page Flow
> >? Formatting of imported flow: Reformat using current
> >document?s formats
> >? Updating of imported flow: Automatic
>and at 08:29 -0700 13/3/06, Grant Hogarth wrote:
> >Known issue with FM.  Not sure if it is a bug (not working as designed)
> >or not.
> >Workaround:
> >1) Define the smallest paragraph you can (2pt font, 0pt line spacing,
> >0pt above/below...).
> >2) Insert this as a blank para at the top of the referenced flow.
>Grant subsequently kindly sent me a demo file, and this fix does indeed 
>...for unstructured FrameMaker. But when applied in structured FrameMaker, 
>it appears not to. We cannot work out why this should be, but in my test 
>file I was careful to prevent the EDD applying a para format to override 
>the para tag described in step 1 above.
>Does anyone have any idea why this should be, and/or a possible workaround?
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