I think you can adjust this with Microtype's TimeSavers or one of
their other tools.


On 9/26/07, Austin Meredith <Ashley_Meredith at brown.edu> wrote:
> My PDFs at www.kouroo.info are being generated out of FrameMaker 7.0
> documents by the use of the "Save as PDF" menu item. This translation
> automatically turns each FrameMaker "alert" entry into an Acrobat
> "note" hidden under a little black-and-white icon of a page with one
> corner turned up. It is laborious and tedious, needing to manually
> readjust each of these generated Acrobat PDFs page by page as I
> create them! I wonder if there is a way to reset the defaults so that
> when FrameMaker generates a PDF, the standard color of these
> automatically generated note icons is *yellow* rather than black-and-white.
> The Acrobat team at Adobe says this is not an Acrobat issue, but a
> FrameMaker issue. Would anyone on this list have any instructions for
> me? Is there a way to reset defaults for the "Save as PDF" conversion process?

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