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Sidebars are a feature of a flow, not of an individual page. You can get
text to act as if the sidebars aren't there by using the pagination
settings in the paragraph designer. Select "across all columns and

I'm at home so can't check on FM, but I think all you have to do with
tables is make them too wide to fit in the main column. Then they
automatically move to occupy the sidebar too.

Add Master Page should be at the bottom of the Special menu, but I think
you have to be viewing the Master pages to see it.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Leah Smaller" <leah at compulite.com> 07/04/07 8:20 PM >>>
This question is for Framemaker 7.0

I want to create a rotated page (to accomodate a large table) in a
document that uses side heads. I also want the header and footers to
appear in their usual position, so only the text frame is rotated. I do
not want the roated page to have side heads.
so, first i tried this:  Format > Page Layout > New Master Page. Here I
can only create a new master page based on the current page's layout
(which of course has side heads). I tried this and then I could not find
a way to get rid of the side heads.

Then I looked in FM help. It told me that to create an empty master
page, go to  Special > Add Master Page. Well, Add Master Page does not
appear in the Special menu!

How do I do what I want: a rotated page, no side heads, using the
headers and footers of the unroated pages?

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