Hi Leah,

I assume that you want a rotated (landscape) page, with headers and footers 
that cosmetically appear "rotated" on the left and right side of the rotate 
page, but a "right reading" body column which you can edit when viewing body 

Try this:
== View=>Master Pages
== Special=>Add Master Page
   == Name the Page and choose which existing Master Page
      to copy (e.g. right or left) 
== Format=>Customize Layout=>Rotate Page Clockwise
(You now have a rotated page with heades and footers where you wish them)
== Use the drawing tools to carefully draw a red box exactly over the 
   body column
== Select the body column (control click) on master page and 
== Carefully resize and reposition Body Column so that it is exactly on top of 
the red box you drew.
== Select the red box and delete it
== NOTE: you now have a landscape page with "rotated" vertical headers and 
footers on either side of the page.
== View Body Page
== Create a blank paragraph and give it a page break to start a new page
== Format=>Page Layout=>Master Page Usage and choose your new master page style
   from () Custom
== you have a landscape page (with sideheads) and headers/footers where you 
want them
== create a table that is wider than the non-head area of the sidehead, and 
your table will fill the width of the page.
== if you wish to have the master page style paginate with the table, you may 
wish to create a special paragraph style for starting landscape pages, and then 
map that paragraph style to your new master page. Look up "Assigning master 
pages to body pages containing paragraph tags" in FrameMaker's online help.

I hope this helped, and that my assumptions were correct in what you were 
trying to achieve.

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This question is for Framemaker 7.0

I want to create a rotated page (to accomodate a large table) in a document 
that uses side heads. I also want the header and footers to appear in their 
usual position, so only the text frame is rotated. I do not want the roated 
page to have side heads.
so, first i tried this:  Format > Page Layout > New Master Page. Here I can 
only create a new master page based on the current page's layout (which of 
course has side heads). I tried this and then I could not find a way to get rid 
of the side heads.

Then I looked in FM help. It told me that to create an empty master page, go to 
 Special > Add Master Page. Well, Add Master Page does not appear in the 
Special menu!

How do I do what I want: a rotated page, no side heads, using the headers and 
footers of the unroated pages?

Leah Smaller
Technical Communicator
Certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner leah at compulite.com

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