You have to be viewing master pages (View>Master Pages) in order
to see the Add Master Page command in the Special menu. Like many
FrameMaker menu items, it is context-senstive and only appears when
it is relevant.

>From: "Leah Smaller" <leah at>
>To: "Frame Users" <framers at>
>Subject: creating a rotated master page
>Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 10:20:25 +0200
>This question is for Framemaker 7.0
>I want to create a rotated page (to accomodate a large table) in a document 
>that uses side heads. I also want the header and footers to appear in their 
>usual position, so only the text frame is rotated. I do not want the roated 
>page to have side heads.
>so, first i tried this:  Format > Page Layout > New Master Page. Here I can 
>only create a new master page based on the current page's layout (which of 
>course has side heads). I tried this and then I could not find a way to get 
>rid of the side heads.
>Then I looked in FM help. It told me that to create an empty master page, 
>go to  Special > Add Master Page. Well, Add Master Page does not appear in 
>the Special menu!
>How do I do what I want: a rotated page, no side heads, using the headers 
>and footers of the unroated pages?
>Leah Smaller
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