Hello All,

   I have a document that uses conditional text to delineate between two
different versions of the same basic product. Before I started this,
there were two separate books for each manual, even though there is a
LOT of cross-over text between them that is the same. I combined them
into a single set of master files and am marking the conditional text,
hiding what I don't want to see, and saving the resulting file for the
two separate books. Now, I have three files for each chapter of the
book: Master, Version 1, and Version 2. All well and good. However, I
also have ALL of the text in all three files, albeit Version 1's text is
hidden in Version 2, and vice-versa. Is there a way to permanently
remove the text for Version 1 from Version 2, and vice-versa, while
maintaining the master file? One of the reasons I need to do this is to
remove the borders around cells in a table that are conditionalized.
Currently, there are large colored borders around any table cells that
are marked as conditional.

   I'm on Windows XP with Frame 7.2b144.

   Thanks much in advance!

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