Sam Beard wrote:

> two separate books. Now, I have three files for each chapter of the
> book: Master, Version 1, and Version 2. All well and good. 
> However, I also have ALL of the text in all three files, 
> albeit Version 1's text is hidden in Version 2, and 
> vice-versa. Is there a way to permanently remove the text for 
> Version 1 from Version 2, and vice-versa, while maintaining 
> the master file? One of the reasons I need to do this is to 
> remove the borders around cells in a table that are conditionalized.
> Currently, there are large colored borders around any table 
> cells that are marked as conditional.

You're missing the whole point of using conditions: to create
_multiple_outputs_ from a _single_source_. You should have exactly _one_
file for each chapter, or why bother with all the combining and

To get your different outputs, you just change the condition settings,
hiding B for output A and vice versa.

If you're seeing colored borders around table cells, it's because you're
not only showing that condition, you're also showing condition
indicators. Those are useful when editing, but must be turned off when
you're ready to print/PDF. 


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