If you have FrameScript, there's also a script you can get (from ITL, I think, 
not sure...) that allows navigating through tables the way you can in Word.

  Rick does a FAB job with custom scripts, too!!!!! And also check out his 
TableCleaner plugin that runs without the FS engine, bc it's got some handy 
tools for manipulating the tables in FM.

  Rene Stephenson

Rick Quatro <frameexpert at truevine.net> wrote:
  Hi Kenneth,

You can use Escape t I (capital i) to move the insertion point out of the 

You may want to consider automating the whole process with FrameScript. If 
you are interested, send me a sample of your document offlist. Thank you 
very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> I'm converting text to table a few thousand times and I want to stop 
> having to use the mouse. I can Find the beginning of the text, shift arrow 
> down to the bottom of the text, use ALT t v Enter to convert text to 
> table, but then when I use Find Next it tells me "No Insertion Point" 
> (because the entire table is selected).
> Is there a keystroke to deselect the table and move the cursor beyond it?
> -- 
> Kenneth Benson
> Pegasus Type, Inc.
> www.pegtype.com


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