About shortcuts to key out of a table

The Alt t p shortcut does indeed come with the Toolbar Express plug-in
from Shlomo Peretz at microtype.com.
I was unsure whether this came with Rick Quatro's TableCleaner, but my
TE user guide confirmed it's from Shlomo.

Hurrah for these brilliant plug-ins. How can anyone live without them? :-)

For those with the bare bones, I guess you'll have to use Esc t shift
i (to get uppercase I). Works fine even with these plug-ins installed,
so I guess that is a standard Frame shortcut.

So the next question is:

>>> How do you get back into the table? (Without having to do a Find
of any kind, just a simple hop?)

And one more tip: If you have FrameScript, get the script for
navigating in tables with arrows from itl.de. No more tabbing. Just
use the arrows to hop up, down, left, or right. Lovely.

regards, Karen Mardahl, a happy user of TE and TC and the scripts from
the talented script writers at itl.de!

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