Two things:

1) You need to set the pagination in the book file rather than in the
chapter files.

2) You need to set the pagination for the *following* chapter to
start on "Next Available" (a choice that is only available from the book
window) as well as setting the 3-page chapter to delete unused pages.

>From: Doug <dbailey4117 at>
>To: "Framers (E-mail)" <framers at>
>Subject: Pagination changes
>Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 15:24:45 -0500
>I have a three page chapter in a book.  It's set to Double-Sided and
>to start on a Right page.  Lastly, I have it set to Delete Empty
>Pages.  However, when I update the book, the last setting always
>changes to Make Page Count Even.  Knowing FrameMaker this is probably
>WAD, but I need the following chapter to start on a Left page, as page
>number 4 of the  three page preceeding chapter.  Any ideas?
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