I'll wager that the next file/chapter after this 3-page one is also set 
to start on a right page.  The starting page takes precedence over the 
prior file's ending page - Frame will add a blank page to make the page 
count even so the second file can start on a right-hand page.

Set the second file to start on the next available side from the BOOK 
window, and also to continue page numbering from the previous file, and 
then update the book again. 

If you're compulsive, you can set the properties in the individual file 
as well, but the book-level settings take priority over an individual 
file's settings and if they're different, you will get a warning notice.

On Wednesday, July 25, 2007 04:25 PM, Doug wrote

| I have a three page chapter in a book.  It's set to Double-Sided
| and to start on a Right page.  Lastly, I have it set to Delete
| Empty Pages.  However, when I update the book, the last setting
| always changes to Make Page Count Even.  Knowing FrameMaker this
| is probably WAD, but I need the following chapter to start on a
| Left page, as page number 4 of the three page preceding chapter.
| Any ideas?
| --Doug

WAD?  working as designed I presume.

- Lester 
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