On 7/25/07, Lester C. Smalley <lsmalley at infocon.com> wrote:
> I'll wager that the next file/chapter after this 3-page one is also set
> to start on a right page.  The starting page takes precedence over the
> prior file's ending page - Frame will add a blank page to make the page
> count even so the second file can start on a right-hand page.

You guessed right, Lester.  I had neglected to set the 2nd file to
start on a Left page, despite having planned for this in my mind.  I
didn't realize that a subsequent chapter in a book could have a
"retroactive" effect upon a preceeding chapter.  That is, as you said,
the first page setting of a chapter overrides the final page setting
of the preceeding chapter if the two are in conflict.



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