Hi, Steve:

I'm not aware of bugs in this area (but there could be).

I hope I understand your meaning. If you mean that the inter-paragraph
space varies for the same consecutive paragraphs formats, depending on
where they are within a column or text frame, perhaps one or more of
these options are turned on: Format > Customize Layout > Customize
Text Frame > Balance Columns or Format > Customize Layout > Line
Layout > Baseline Synchronization.

If you mean simply that the spacing between all paragraphs isn't the
identical, then try this tack:

I'm sure you're aware that FrameMaker space between paragraphs is
controlled by the larger of space below and space above. That is, it's
not additive, as in nearly all other publishing and word-processing

The Fixed line spacing truncates any character that exceeds the
setting's height. This is supposed to keep all lines in the paragraph
from being pushed out of the leading setting by too-tall characters.

The point size and line-height (leading) of the Fruitiger are the same
("solid"), but the Revival leading is about the standard-amount larger
than the type's point size.

Depending on the individual type font, point size isn't always what
you think it is. Different fonts name the point size by referring to a
dimension of a letter in the font. It's common to use the height of a
lowercase "x" (x-height), but it's a flexible standard across type
foundries; sometimes it's a different letter, sometimes it's a
different dimension (width, rather than height, etc.), and in novel
font designs, sometimes the reference for point size may be unique to
that font.

I agree that any fragment or all of this is probably too much for a
Friday, anywhere in the FrameMaker universe<G>.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On 7/27/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm probably breaking rules here by posting two queries in succession. Sorry. 
> Today is not a good day with FrameMaker. TGIF.
> I am working up a template, and am seeing visibly inconsistent vertical 
> spacing between headings and body paras in the same document despite the fact 
> that there are no overrides.
> Here are the relevant specs:
> A Heading space above 19 pt, space below 6 pt, line spacing 16 pt fixed, 16 
> point Frutiger bold uppercase, left justified
> B Heading space above 18 pt, space below 3 pt, line spacing 14 pt fixed, 14 
> point Frutiger bold, left justified
> C Heading space above 13.5 pt, space below 3 pt, line spacing 13.5 pt fixed, 
> 13.5 point Frutiger bold italic, left justified
> BodyFirst [follows all headings] Space above 0 pt, space below 0 pt, line 
> spacing 11.8 pt fixed, 9.8 pt Revival 565 Roman, full justified
> What I see is visibly different, over-large, vertical leading between some, 
> but not all, A, B and C headings and the BodyFirst paras that follow them. To 
> reiterate, there are *no* para overrides. There are no master page overrides 
> either.
> [I inherited some of these specs, in case you think they're odd because of 
> me. I have dickered with the originals, changing fonts and spacings, but the 
> original files, which mostly used Times New Roman, show the same oddity.]
> Are there any known FrameMaker bugs in this area? Is there perhaps some sort 
> of thing going on with the differing fixed line spacing?
> --
> Steve
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