Hi Rene,

I can only tell you how it is with Acrobat 6.

When one prints a pdf from Acrobat other than the standard set size
(Letter size in the US, A4 in Europe), Acrobat usually does something
of the sort you explain. I have a lot of users that have to be able to
print different sizes, and my solution has been this:

Before you print from Acrobat, you have to go to Acrobat's File >
Print Setup (SHIFT+CTRL+P) and set the size in there. Then and only
then can you expect to print in the normal way (CTRL+P). It seems that
it is not enough to set the settings int the regular Print window.

The downside is that this is something you have to tell your customers
to do, because Adobe did not exactly advertise this clumsiness.
Hopefully this has been solved in later versions of Acrobat.


Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

On 5/31/07, Rene Stephenson <rinnie1 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> All,
>   We have a quick reference guide that uses a (US) legal-size landscape 
> layout. It is set up in FM as a custom page size 14x8" with 3 columns in the 
> text frame. It's to be printed duplex and then folded accordian-style. 
> Initially, we were going to be working with a professional printer, but now 
> the customers are requiring that we deliver the file in PDF format. So far, 
> no big deal, right? Well, when the customers print the PDF of the file, it 
> doesn't align properly on the paper. It's as if the printer is adding an 
> additional 1/4" margin to the top (long) edge if it's printed directly from 
> FM. If we create the PDF file first and THEN print the PDF on the same 
> printer, there seems to be an additional margin added to both the long and 
> short edges (top and left).
>   I'm assuming these odd results are due to the printer drivers involved. In 
> light of the fact that we cannot know what printers our customers might use, 
> is there any way that we can make some settings in the PDF Setup in FM 7.2 or 
> in Distiller 7 that would default the printer settings to "no margin" to get 
> a proper print result?  Otherwise, the only thing I know to do is provide a 
> ReadMe file to the customer informing them that the file is to be printed on 
> legal paper, but due to variances in printer drivers, we cannot guarantee 
> alignment of the layout...?
>   Thanks,
>   Rene Stephenson
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