Rene Stephenson wrote:

>   OK, so an advisory notice of sorts (ReadMe file, popup, 
> etc.) looks like our only option...

I have Acro 7, and in the Print dialog, Page Scaling defaults to Fit to
Printer Margins. My default HP printer has unprintable margins of, IIRC,
about .22 inches on the sides, so an 8.5x11 PDF page prints at 96%
unless I remember to change Page Scaling to None. (If anyone knows how
to change the default to None, please share!) If scaling is the problem,
there's nothing you can do except warn your customers about it and how
to avoid it.

But if you have printable content in the unprintable areas of the page,
and the page isn't scaled to fit, the content close to the edge simply
won't be printed. If that's the problem, you'll have to change the page
layout to avoid the unprintable areas. How close to the page edge a
printer can print varies from printer to printer. Plus, some printers
handle paper only by the sides, others grab the top, so the margins may
be different on one axis than the other. To be safe, you'd probably want
to allow at least 1/4" on each edge, maybe a little more. 


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