This is FrameMaker behaving as it is designed. A single table
row never, EVER, breaks across more than one page. 
If you have more content than what fits on one page, you 
must manually break the row into two rows that will fit. And 
you must manually adjust that row break if the page break 
moves due to text re-flow.   

The same thing is true of vertical straddles, BTW. If a straddled 
cell is too tall to fit on a single page, some of the non-straddled
cells will disappear off the bottom of the page. 

I wish it weren't so, but this is the way it has always been.

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Subject: What Causes Table Data To Run Off Page?

I have a strange behavior with my Frame 7.2 (Unstructured) tables. One
in the table has a page worth of data in one column. This data runs off
page. The table eventually continues onto the next page, but the missing
data (the data that ran off the page) doesn't continue. I've never seen
behavior. I changed the table properties (orphans, start, etc), but that
doesn't fix the problem. Any idea what the cause is?

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