I am using FrameMaker 7.2, unstructured.
Once you make the change to one file, then you can import the changes to all 
the rest of the files from File>Import>Formats>Variable Definitions and import 
from the one you changed. You can select multiple files to import to. 

To accelerate the work of changing each variable, when the Variable window is 
open you can edit all of them in a row just by going down the list in the open 
window and clicking Change for each as you finish, but don't click Done until 
you are done with all of them. 
This is also a good time to add some number or other identifiers to the names 
of the variables. For example, I use B-Product for the bold version of the 
product name, and T-Admin for the title of the Admin Guide. While writing, I 
just hit Ctrl-0 to open the (almost invisible) Variables list at the bottom of 
the Window. Then I click the letter or number for the variable I need. 
Preceding each variable with a code letter or number and then a hyphen ensures 
it appears first in the alphabetical list, so Ctrl-0 followed by T gets me the 
Admin Guide title. Down arrow gets me to the other titles in my list, and 
eventually cycles through all variables. 



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Hi all,

each time I use an existing book for a new product, I have to :
. open each file in the book,
. display the master pages,
. double click my right master page document title variable,
. change its definition ("NewProduct Integration Guide"),
. double click my left master page document title variable,
. change its definition,
. save.

Is there any way to do that faster using the Change and Replace function?

Any help appreciated,


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