I thoroughly endorse the BookVars plugin! It is an excellent tool and
I use it all the time. In fact, I literally updated a few properties
(using BookVars) for a FrameMaker book for creating a new PDF ... a few
minutes before I responded to this e-mail.


Scott Prentice wrote:
> You might also want to take a look at our BookVars plugin. This lets you 
> define groups of variable definitions and import them into books as needed.
>    http://www.leximation.com/tools/info/bookvars.php
> ...scott
> Scott Prentice
> Leximation, Inc.
> www.leximation.com
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> John Sgammato wrote:
>> I am using FrameMaker 7.2, unstructured.
>> Once you make the change to one file, then you can import the changes 
>> to all the rest of the files from File>Import>Formats>Variable 
>> Definitions and import from the one you changed. You can select 
>> multiple files to import to.  
>> To accelerate the work of changing each variable, when the Variable 
>> window is open you can edit all of them in a row just by going down 
>> the list in the open window and clicking Change for each as you 
>> finish, but don't click Done until you are done with all of them. This 
>> is also a good time to add some number or other identifiers to the 
>> names of the variables. For example, I use B-Product for the bold 
>> version of the product name, and T-Admin for the title of the Admin 
>> Guide. While writing, I just hit Ctrl-0 to open the (almost invisible) 
>> Variables list at the bottom of the Window. Then I click the letter or 
>> number for the variable I need. Preceding each variable with a code 
>> letter or number and then a hyphen ensures it appears first in the 
>> alphabetical list, so Ctrl-0 followed by T gets me the Admin Guide 
>> title. Down arrow gets me to the other titles in my list, and 
>> eventually cycles through all variables.  
>> john
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>> From: framers-bounces+jsgammato=imprivata.com at lists.frameusers.com on 
>> behalf of mathieu jacquet
>> Sent: Fri 6/22/2007 9:20 AM
>> To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
>> Subject: Search and replace content of a variable
>> Hi all,
>> each time I use an existing book for a new product, I have to :
>> . open each file in the book,
>> . display the master pages,
>> . double click my right master page document title variable,
>> . change its definition ("NewProduct Integration Guide"),
>> . double click my left master page document title variable,
>> . change its definition,
>> . save.
>> Is there any way to do that faster using the Change and Replace function?
>> Any help appreciated,
>> Mathieu.

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