BINGO! These are exactly the definitions I'm trying to delete. And yes,
they are named "RGB xxx,yyy,zzz" and we have a lot of 256-color PNG
files in the docs so that they can have transparency applied to them.

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Jon Harvey wrote:

> I have a few dozen FM documents that each have at least 100 
> color definitions that I would love to delete. Is there a way 
> to delete them all at once for a given document? Better yet, 
> delete them at the book level? I've tried saving the doc as a 
> MIF file and opening it in notepad but only the default color 
> definitions appear. Strange but true.

Carla suggested a tool that may solve your problem. But I'm wondering
about your not finding these colors in the MIF. Do they by any chance
have names like "RGB 080,067,143"? If so, the source is probably
imported PNG graphics that use indexed color. Each such graphic contains
a palette of 256 colors, defined by their RGB values, as in the name
example. For some reason, FM adds all these palette colors to its color
definitions list. 

As long as you have 256-color PNGs in your docs, you won't be able to
get rid of these color definitions -- you can delete them, but they'll
keep coming back. The solution is to open the PNGs in a graphics program
and save them as 24-bit (16 million colors) PNGs. Surprisingly, you'll
find that the file sizes increase relatively little. 


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