Howard Rauch wrote:

> I am creating a template for?the third version of a catalog that is to be
> printed in grayscale and one spot color. Since the catalog?has involved
> quite a number of drafts to establish the layout and has gradually evolved
> over time, it has?a goodly number of useless RGB and CMYK color
> definitions. Although these?appear to be harmless and are, for the most
> part, labeled "Don't Print," I would prefer to delete them, particularly
> since the catalog is commercially printed and the printing firm setup
> crew?complains about the RGB color definitions. Besides, in my view, they
> unnecessarily consume resources.
> I have attempted to delete these colors (View/Color/Definitions), but they
> are not eliminated after I delete them. A message thet they are being used
> in the template also does not appear. What am I overlooking?
> Howard Rauch

Lester is probably right about the source of the colors. We had some docs that 
contained 256-color PNGs, and those added hundreds of "RGB x, y, z" colors. 

We replaced the graphics with 24-bit ("true color") PNGs, and then ran a script 
to delete the RGB colors, but they wouldn't go away. What got rid of them was a 
"MIF wash" (save FM file as MIF, open that, and save back to FM). 


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