The "extra" colors are used in some graphic(s) in the template that uses an 
'indexed color' model instead of a full true color palette.  This could be a 
logo on a master page, icons on reference pages, etc.

If the output is to be grayscale and one spot color, replace any images with 
grayscale equivalents if at all possible.  Or get true color versions of the 
images, which do not add items to Frame's color catalog.

Once you have replaced the images, you either will not see the extra color 
definitions, or can readily deleted those not wanted in the production version 
of the template.

On Friday, July 11, 2008 10:41, Howard Rauch wrote:

| Frame 7.0p76
| Windows XP
| I am creating a template for?the third version of a catalog that is
| to be printed in grayscale and one spot color. Since the catalog?has
| involved quite a number of drafts to establish the layout and has
| gradually evolved over time, it has?a goodly number of useless RGB
| and CMYK color definitions. Although these?appear to be harmless
| and are, for the most part, labeled "Don't Print," I would prefer
| to delete them, particularly since the catalog is commercially
| printed and the printing firm setup crew?complains about the RGB
| color definitions. Besides, in my view, they unnecessarily consume
| resources.
| I have attempted to delete these colors (View/Color/Definitions),
| but they are not eliminated after I delete them. A message that
| they are being used in the template also does not appear. What
| am I overlooking?
| Howard Rauch

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