Hi Rick, and thanks again for your interest.

Our document is a technical manual translated in several languages; it
contains several technical terms requiring a very skilled translation. Each
document bookmark is named with the technical term; inside the DB we have a
table with all these technical terms and their translations.
With our macro we simply replace the content of the document 'bookmarks'
(technical term) with the string contained inside the DB in the right

What about using user variables, like Fred Ridder suggested?
Is it possible to change their value using framescript or the FDK and force
a 'global' update?


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Hi Max,

I similar interface could be designed with FrameScript. Every paragraph has
a unique Id in FrameMaker, which you could use to programatically navigate
to "bookmarked" paragraphs. In fact, this unique Id is what is used when you
generate a table of contents in FrameMaker. When you Control+Alt click on a
TOC entry, there is a mechanism that navigates to the target paragraph.

One thing I don't understand about your process: What do you have stored in
the database and how does that relate to your bookmarks? Thanks.


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Hi Rick,
Thank you very much for the quick answer!
This is a Word document with 5 bookmarks; the bookmarks are the strings
delimited by brackets []; you can select them from the menu

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