Hi Mike,

Based on my understanding of what Max is trying to do, the FrameScript or 
FDK portion would be used to "lookup" the correct translation stored in a 


> 1. It sounds like you just need to create a user variable for each term 
> and insert the variables at the appropriate spots in your document.
> 2. Then, make several other template documents (one for each language) 
> that have the same user variables, but define them with the translated 
> definitions.
> 3. To replace the content in the main document, simply be sure the 
> translation template is also open, then, in the main document, choose 
> File> Import Formats. Select the import template and import the user 
> variables from the template. It will replace the content in a flash.
> You don't need Framescript or the FDK for something so simple in 
> FrameMaker.
> Another method would be to put all the translations in your document, and 
> conditionalize them by language. For example, add text that says "Hello 
> Hola Bonjour." Give each word the appropriate condition for English, 
> Spanish, and French. Then, hiding the inappropriate conditions-- hiding 
> Spanish and French conditions for the English version, for example-- would 
> display only "Hello."
> Mike Wickham

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