You may want to post in Adobe's User forum, in the Feature Request thread.
That's likely to be a more appropriate spot.

And just between us, I couldn't tell exactly what you were complaining
about in your #3 and #4 items -- too vague.


On 3/4/07, Shmuel Wolfson <sbw at> wrote:
> I hope someone from adobe reads this:
> Some improvements that would make working with Frame much more pleasant.
> Some are very simple to implement.
> - Place the chapter name in parenthesis after the filename, both in the
> window title and in the list of files on the Window menu. By chapter
> name, I mean the name that you see when you click the button in the book
> window that toggles between the filename and chapter name.
> - When using the Find feature for the current document, display a
> message when the end of the document is reached.
> - When using the Find feature for the whole book, there seems to be a
> bug that when in the middle of the search you fix something in the
> document, it does not continue the search throughout the book correctly.
> Please fix it.
> - Table ruling does not work correctly. Please fix it.
> --
> Regards,
> Shmuel Wolfson
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