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>The easiest way to clean them up is to "wash" the file by saving to
>MIF and opening and saving that version.
>omsys.com has a utility program that does these steps for you.

Actually, it's not a separate utility, it's part of our main
plugin.  You can obtain the free unlimited demo version at:
and install at least the Frame plugin DLLs (two of them).
Then "Wash Via MIF" will appear on your File menu, and
you can do it for all files in a book with one click using 
Shift-File from a book.  There are other handy utilities in 
there too... like our automation tool, runfm.  All free.

>And Rick Quatro's TableCleaner plug-in is a must-have if you're going
>to be working with tables very much.

I totally agree.  In fact, I think there's a much better chance 
that Rick's plugin will fix the OP's problem than that Wash Via 
MIF will...

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