I don't know if this is the issue for you, but sometimes rules don't display 
correctly onscreen because of the monitor's resolution or screen 
magnification. Let's say the pixels on your screen are 1 point apart, and 
you have a 0.5 pt rule. At 100% magnification, It has to be rounded up or 
down to display . So either you get a fat 1-pixel rule or an invisible 
0-pixel rule on screen. Zoom in, though, and you'll see that everything is 
alright because it now takes multiple pixels to display the same line and 
less or no rounding is used. Maybe you just need to view your rules at a 
higher percentage magnification, or upgrade to a higher resolution monitor 
for more accurate display?

Mike Wickham

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> Are all these bugs, or am I doing something wrong?
> There seem to be several bugs in table ruling:
> - When a heading row repeats on 2 or more pages, the ruling at the bottom 
> of the table, and underneath the header row row are not always the correct 
> ruling style. I have to apply the ruling manually.
> - When I apply custom ruling and shading, to a row and select only the 
> Bottom and Top checkboxes, the ruling is often applied to the left and 
> right sides of the cell.
> - When I try to apply custom ruling to the top of a cell, it often does 
> not work until I go into the bottom cell and select Top, and then select 
> go into the top cell and select Bottom.
> FrameMaker is still better than Word, but for the price you pay I think 
> they should fix these bugs. The ruling bugs are particularly annoying.
> Regards,
> Shmuel Wolfson
> Rick Quatro wrote:
>> Shmuel,
>> What do you mean that table ruling does not work correctly? Thanks.
>> Rick Quatro
>> Carmen Publishing
>> 585-659-8267
>>> - Table ruling does not work correctly. Please fix it.
>>> -- 
>>> Regards,
>>> Shmuel Wolfson
>>> 052-763-7133
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