In my experience (over 11 years working with Trados) Trados can handle this 
with no problem. I have been working in the translation area (Layout) since the 
90's and using Trados for a large amount of that time. Your FrameMaker MIF file 
will contain Tags around Superscript, Subscript, Italic etc. In Trados these 
Tags so up and IF the translator maintains the Tagging you will have no 
problem. A Translator can override these by not placing them in, but Traodos 
will complain and the translator will have to say yes so that Trados will 

If you need any addition information let me know.


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Is there any problems with getting superscript, subscript and italic charcters 
from Framemaker through Trados?

My manager wants to have to translate Framemaker files using Trados and he has 
heard that Trados cannot handle the above characters. Is that correct?


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