To confirm what Ann posted, we translate technical documentation, and
about 75% of large scale documents our customers submit are in
FrameMaker format. Trados is our most commonly used translation tool,
and although it *is* possible for a linguist to override a tag and
"break" superscript/subscript in pre-processed MIF files, we literally
never have this happen.

About 10 years ago there were some earlier versions of competitive
products to Trados that *could* drop the end code on super/subscripts in
MIF. Such products/processes required more manual touch up after
post-processing to translated FrameMaker files. This may be where your
boss's impression came from that Trados can have difficulties in this

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  >Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 11:46:35 -0500
  >From: "Ann Zdunczyk" <azdunczyk at>
  >Subject: RE: From Framemaker to Trados: Superscript, subscript and
  >     italic
  >To: "'Andersen, Verner Engell VEA'" <verner.andersen at>,
  >     <framers at>
  >In my experience (over 11 years working with Trados) Trados can
  >handle this with no problem. I have been working in the
  >translation area (Layout) since the 90's and using Trados for a
  >large amount of that time. Your FrameMaker MIF file will contain
  >Tags around Superscript, Subscript, Italic etc. In Trados these
  >Tags so up and IF the translator maintains the Tagging you will
  >have no problem. A Translator can override these by not placing
  >them in, but Traodos will complain and the translator will have
  >to say yes so that Trados will continue.
  >If you need any addition information let me know.
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