I remember many messages on this list about the Save as PDF function being
broken in Frame 6.0 and an announcement on this list that it was fixed in
Frame 7.0.  If I remember correctly, the announcement came from Dov.
Though I generally print to PS and distill, I have used the Save as PDF
function successfully quite a few times in 7.0.


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Steve Rickaby wrote:
  > No, because I don't use 'Save as PDF'. Isn't the general view that it's
broken and therefore deprecated? Or has it
been fixed in 7.2?

Hmmm ... I use "Save As PDF" successfully in FM 7.2 all the time (although
I have not changed the filename - other than using a .PDF extension for the

This "Save As PDF" then gets processed by Distiller (both versions 7 and 8
from Adobe Acrobat) and there are no problems that I can see.

What difficulties are people experiencing with doing this?


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