At 14:17 -0700 20/3/07, Syed Zaeem Hosain wrote:
>Steve Rickaby wrote:
> > No, because I don't use 'Save as PDF'. Isn't the general view that it's 
> > broken and therefore deprecated? Or has it been fixed in 7.2?
>Hmmm ... I use "Save As PDF" successfully in FM 7.2 all the time (although
>I have not changed the filename - other than using a .PDF extension for the

It was certainly deprecated in 6.

I see now that Diane posted that it was allegedly fixed in 7.0, though, but 
that Fred posted that it wasn't, just less broken ;-) I agree with Fred: 
watched folders make the supposed simplicity and time-saving of 'Save as PDF' a 
little dubious. I prefer to have complete control over the specifications of 
the PDF that is produced.


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