Eason, David wrote: 

> The entire civilized, English-speaking world calls the 
> background text or image on a page a "watermark"--but 
> apparently not Adobe. I looked in the index. I looked in the 
> table of contents. I looked in the online help. I did a 
> search for the term "watermark."  Using the manual was an 
> exercise in futility, but because I had not started out with 
> high hopes for success in the first place, I ended up 
> frustrated but not disappointed.

Agree, a good indexer would certainly have included "watermark." OTOH,
you could have met them half-way and found what you needed. In the
index, there are entries for:

-- background graphics on master pages
-- graphics:background, on master pages 

So on the index tab, just typing the term you used to _describe_ a
watermark -- "background" -- will get you there. A search for background
graphic works, too.

Indexers should try to think of appropriate synonyms. But so should
index users. 


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