I'm new to FM and so far my experience locating a printed FM 7.x Users
Guide has been akin to my quest for the Holy Grail. Perhaps some of the
more knowledgeable members of the list could point out how one gets a
printed manual for FM 7.x from Adobe?

A couple weeks ago, I did find a PDF of the FM 7.0 online help, which
contains a "great" 60 page Quick Reference section....

If you want to read something from the printed page of an actual bound
book, I'd suggest you pay the 50 or so US dollars and buy "Publishing
Fundamentals: FrameMaker 7" by Sarah O'Keefe. Order it from
scriptorium.com where you can get the 2006 version, not to be confused
with the 2002 Version called "FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference," by
Sarah O'Keefe that's available from Amazon.com, etc.

Mad you say....? 

Charlie Kyle

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Read the manual? Are you mad? 

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