Hi, David.

Eason, David wrote:
> Brad Simons wrote:
>> "Then, I used a program called "PDF to Word" which is manufactured by a
>> company called Very PDF. (http://www.verypdf.com/pdf2word/index.html)"
> I tried that program one time, and it worked very well. However, it is
> one-dimensional. My program of choice is PDF Converter. It not only
> converts both ways, pdf to Word and Word, but to Excel also. And the
> professional version is way more versatile. The Web site is
> http://www.nuance.com/pdfconverter/standard/

I use this one too ... works pretty well. I just received my Pro
version 4 CD and am going to install it and see if it takes care
of the few problems I had with version 2.


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