Hear!! Hear!! Avoid the master document at all costs. You are much
better off with a very long Word document even if those do get a little
squishy at times.

Bob Cermak

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> I was leaning toward using Mif2go to get RTF, and then using Word's
> master document to build the "book".

Do a Web search and you'll see that the experts say that there are only
kinds of master documents in Word: those that are corrupt, and those
are about to become corrupted. Absolutely stay away from the master
"feature" in Word. It has never worked right.

The last time I tried master documents was with Word 2000. It couldn't
handle straight text files (with an occasional italics) without bombing
And saving the master document file itself never worked. Every time I 
reopened it, it was empty and all the files had to be repopulated

Mike Wickham


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