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>Do a Web search and you'll see that the experts say that there are only two 
>kinds of master documents in Word: those that are corrupt, and those that are 
>about to become corrupted. Absolutely stay away from the master document 
>"feature" in Word. It has never worked right.

This is true. See <>.

This page is not only a good explanation of why master documents don't work, 
but is also a good explanation of why everyone should try to steer clear of 
Word at all times if humanly possible for anything but trivial documents.

Steve Hudson's article on how to deal with master documents safely, mentioned 
in the header to the page above, seems to have been taken down from techwr-l, 
but I have a copy. If you really, really must venture into this minefield, 
Yvonne, mail me off list and I'll send it to you. But I wholly concur with 
other posters: the time consumed and loss of sanity and hair experienced will 
far outweigh the cost of a few extra FrameMaker licenses, and even if you do 
pull it off, your documents will likely not be robust.

If you really, really must try to do it, my advice would be to employ a Word 
guru (I have a spare one here who I'd be happy to refer if you need one).

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