On 18/05/2007, at 7:24 PM, Graeme R Forbes wrote:

> From the interview (http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article.cfm? 
> articleid=1741) with the Adobe CEO:
> *****
> We will continue to extend the capabilities of the core product in  
> each of those segments with some of the features that are available  
> in the other products. But, yes, it is our goal to continue to make  
> sure that we don't leave any customer behind. For a number of  
> customers who have adopted a product like FrameMaker, we will  
> continue to invest in it.
> *****
> A number that's a log way short of 100%. But the middle sentence  
> does show a sense of humor.

One issue that concerns me is that Adobe seems to be betting the farm  
on Web 2.0 while reducing the importance of print based and other  
forms of output media. Perhaps that has something to do with  
Narayen's failed attempt at Pictra. He feels he needs to succeed in  
that area, to prove his machismo or what ever.

"don't leave any customer behind" reminds me of the US "don't leave  
any child behind" education system. Umm, but what does that actually  
mean, anyway?


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